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Some of the Experiments You Will See:

Kitchen Chemistry

Watch as ordinary ingredients are transformed by chemical reactions!  Explode baggies, make creeping ink, and even burst a soap cloud!

The Human Body

Figure out how our bodies work and solve some of it's secrets with the anatomy experiments.  You can bend bones, make cups sing, watch how germs are spread and much, much more!

Physics & Making Things Move

Protect an egg as you toss it, watch macaroni defy gravity, create a batch of quicksand, make magnetic mud and 21 other experiments to learn about the rules around us.


Moms:  You can give your kids this book and tell them how much mess they are able to make.  The Mess-o-meter on each page will tell you if your kids need to do this experiment outside.  

Exploring the World

Begin to understand some of the concepts that make our world work!  Watch plants reach for sunlight, make an ecosystem in a bottle, feel a naked egg, and dozens of other activities!

Time On Task

Some experiments are quick and some take a couple of days to see the results.  Use the Prep Time section to tell you if you have enough time to do the experiment.
What People Are Saying
"The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments is a must-have book if you have kids or if you work with kids!  It opens minds to the wonderful world of science and gives kids the chance to eperiment, learn & have fun doing it!"

Becky Mansfield

bestselling author of
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"The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments is filled with smart activities that will keep everyone engaged in non-stop challenging fun!."

Kelly Dixon

Founder of 
Smart School House
"Science with the kids has never been so fun!  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to see your little ones' faces light up!"

Me Ra Koh

Disney Junior Host of
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